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Students are gaining valuable knowledge from famous Academician Zixin Deng.

Venerable Academician Lin He is giving lectures.

A snapshot of memorable moment of postgraduate students with Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier.

Students of SJTU- Brigham Young University are enjoying summer camp in SJTU as part of the exchange program.

Internship program in Ang Li Bio-medical Research Institute.


Lecture and Forum

Students are gaining valuable knowledge on life and science from famous Academician Enduo Wang.

SJTU postgraduate students in the academic forum are discussing about Microbial metabolism - cells and Community.


Innovation of Science and Technology

Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition

SJTU-Bio-X-Shanghai team has won the IGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) Gold Award for two consecutive years.


Social Practice

Students are propagating rural health care reform policy in rural areas.

Students come to the sacred place of revolution- Nanjing to seek revolutionary footprint.


Military Training Education

A snapshot of military training


Career Development

Paving the way to get good jobs by professional career counselor.

A replica of group interview helps the students be familiar with the procedure of exact one in the job market.

The counselor is teaching students how to wear makeup in order to prepare for job hunting.


Cultural and Physical Activities

“Ice-breaking”-Activities to address the freshmen.

Freshmen at the welcome party enjoy singing and dancing.

Students are playing basketball full of vigor.

Colorful dormitory life- Activities in colorful dormitory life help to strengthen the relationship among roommates.


Scientific Popularization and Volunteer Activities

Popularization of scientific knowledge among general people.

Students and professors are busy in popularizing knowledge of transgenic plant among general students on the eve of the first ever International Plant Day.

Undergraduate students are detecting blood group for other students in Minhang Campus of SJTU.

Volunteers in 2010 Shanghai World Expo from School of Life Science and Technology.


Talent Hunting

Students are performing on the stage wearing clothing of their own design.

“Campus running”-Students are showing their talent on the stage.


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