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Recently, a famous international journal the Cardiovascular Research published“MicroRNA-33 protects against neointimal hyperplasia induced by arterial mechanical stretch in the grafted vein”, the newest research achievement of Prof. Qi Yin’s team from School of Life Sciences & Biotechnology, SJTU on Mechanical biology of restenosis after vein transplantation.

Cardiovascular Research published 3 pages-long review article wrote by Carlos Fernández-Hernando from Yale School of Medicine, in which he reviewed that this innovative research work “revealed the new mechanism of Mechanics of arterial conditions stimulating and inducing Smooth muscle cell proliferation and neointima and hinted that miR-33 promises to become important target of treating and reversing restenosis after vein graft and operation failure”.

This research is aided by the key project of The National Natural Science Fund (11232010), general program(11172176)and Overseas and Hong Kong and Macao scholars Cooperation Fund (11428207), and all the work is done in laboratory of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.



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